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    Natural Indian Oils welcomes you to the world of lifelong wellness with the colossal health benefits of Natural Essential Oils, Indian Traditional Attars, Floral Absolutes, Spice Oils and Massage & Spa Oils. With the radical research on the traditional wisdom of wellness, we do our best to beacon you towards the natural doorway for your complete physical, mental and spiritual well being.

  • Over years, Our Company, Natural Indian Oils has been dedicatedly indulged to provide UNALTERED, HIGH QUALITY, TRADITIONALLY EXTRACTED NATURAL ESSENTIAL OILS and other botanical products that are known for delivering desired health benefits. Our products are broadly utilized in Aromatherapy Treatments, Massage & Spa Centers, Medicinal & Skincare Industry, Perfume Industry and many more.

    Incepted with the motto to revolutionize the world with a natural solution for healthy living, Natural Indian Oils believes in making significant difference in people’s lives with the magic of therapeutic grade botanical extracts. Here, you will find a gigantic array of essential oils, spice oils, absolutes and attars which are exclusively extracted from the natural ingredients such as flowers, leaves, roots, resins of various herbs and botanical plants.

    Our products are derived by employing only the TRADITIONAL ORGANIC EXTRACTION METHODS to preserve the natural essence and medicinal properties of the ingredients. Thus, we provide 100% pure and natural essential oils that are devoid of any kind of synthetic aroma and colors. You will get your delivery within 4-6 business days with our quick and hassle-free shipping services. We have collaboration with the top international shipping companies including DHL, FedEx, etc. So, browse through the categories and shop natural oils to relish nature’s blessings for balancing your mind, body and soul.


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1 1-500 ML $25
2 501-1000 ML $32
3 1001-2000 ML $48
4 2001-3000 ML $60
5 3001-5000 ML $72
6 Greater then 5000 ML $72 + Additional US$ $7.00 per 1000 ML


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