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Bakhoor Attar

Botanical Name Mimusops Elengi.

Origin South Asian Countries

General Name Bakhoor Attar

Bakhoor Attar

Our 100% natural, pure and unadulterated Bakhoor Attar due to its stimulating aroma extensively used in the aromatherapy treatment centers to soothe nervous problems like mental strain, trauma and depression. It is a reddish color liquid obtained through the process of hydro-distillation. Since antiquity, its captivating aroma worn by women but nowadays it is also worn by men.  This perfume oil is a perfect combination of Indian herbs, spices and floral. It is ideal of meditation purpose. Moreover, this attar is helpful in uplifting the soul and awakens the senses.

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Method of Extraction and part of Plant Used It is derived from the woods of Mimusops elengi Maulsari tree through hydro-distillation method.

Properties Reddish color.

Blends Well With

Aloeswood, Rose, Jasmine and Musk.

Aroma Deep, pleasant and musky aroma.

Integrant Water, Alcohol Denat, Fragrance, and Benzophenone-2.

Precautions Although, it is non-toxic in nature but still pregnant women and Nursing mother should seek proper medical advice before using this oil.

Solubility Specific Gravity Optical Rotation Refractive Index Flash Point Extraction Method








Like other attars, Bakhoor Attar due to its captivating and pleasing aroma extensively used in the perfumery industry in the manufacturing of high class perfumery, exotic scents, room fresheners and other perfume base products such as incense sticks, talcum powder and scented candles. Its rejuvenating aroma helps in stimulating your mind and invokes the spiritual feeling within you.

Product Description

Our therapeutic grade Bakhoor Attar is a reddish color liquid through the process of hydro-distillation. The word “Bakhoor” has been originated from the Arabic language. It is a unique blend of musk and floral, that makes it sweet and rich in composition. Since ancient times, its fragrance made its popular amongst women. In the earlier times, it was believed that bakhoor tree was burned to purify the ambiance from the negative energies.

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My search ended here★★★★★

As I was in the search of exotic perfume oil for me, bakhoor attar filled that gap in my life. Though, I have a huge collection of perfume oils but I was not satisfied. Bakhoor attar proved to be really good for me. I purchased this oil from Natural Indian Oils which I found to be always good the quality of their products. By:

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