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Contradictory Reputation Of Mustard Essential Oil

Mustard essential oil

Festival season is about to come and we know that no festival is complete without eating. There, comes a million dollar question- ‘what would be healthy cooking oil’? Earlier in the Indian Subcontinent, it was Mustard essential oil that ruled in the culinary kingdom when usage of other oils such as soybean, canola, sunflower, safflower, peanut and olive oil were not in vogue. Being enriched with vitamins, minerals, zinc, selenium and beta carotene, Mustard essential oil is considered as the healthiest cooking oil. It has sharp, pungent and bitter in the raw stage but once it is heated to the smoking point, its pungency mellows and imparts a mouth-watering flavor to cuisines that are cooked with this oil.

Alas! Nowadays, Mustard essential oil is considered inapt for consumption in countries such as Canada, USA and European Union. However, in some other countries, it is sold as massage oil and is directed for external use only. In some parts of Europe, it is legally banned for selling. Although, there was no side effect found in the humans. The documentary reason given for its banning was the presence of erucic acid in it which has adverse effect on rats. However, further study shows that fatty vegetable oils are less digestible by the rats, irrespective of presence of erucic acid or not. On the contrary, in northern, central, eastern & north eastern India, mustard oil is considered as a protector against cardiovascular diseases and is widely used for cooking purposes in many households. Apart from being a treasured in culinary kingdom, mustard oil is used as a massage oil to get quick relief from pain & aches and to nourish the hair.

Mustard Essential Oil Explained

Based on the method of extraction, there are mainly two types of Mustard oil. First, the vegetable oil derived through cold pressed extraction method while the second is essential oil derived through steam distillation extraction process. Both are completely differs from each other, not in the sense they are derived from anything else, but in terms of extraction process, chemical composition and medicinal properties. Mustard oil is a dark yellowish color liquid having distinctive pungent flavor. Since ancient times, it is widely cherished for its medicinal and culinary uses.

3 varieties of mustard which produces oil:

• Black mustard (Brassica nigra)
• White mustard (Brassica alba)
• Brown mustard (Brassica juncea)

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