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Top 5 Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Face & Skin

tea tree oil

Do you count yourself among the ones who give the foremost priority to nature and natural things? If yes, we bet we have one thing that will certainly become one of your nature’s favorite gift. It is tea tree oil. Confused? Here we are presenting you the most precious gift of nature – tea tree oil. It is an essential oil which is used appreciated among the aromatherapists and nature lovers for its wide range of health-beneficial therapeutic properties. This essential oil is extracted from the leaves of tea tree, botanically known as Melaleuca alternifolia, through the process of steam distillation method. Owing to the presence of linalool, a-terpinene, sabinene, p-cymene, a-pinene, a-phellandrene, mycrene and a-terpineol, tea tree oil is renowned as a much-praised antimicrobial, stimulant, antiseptic, antiviral, fungicide, expectorant, balsamic, cicatrisant, bactericide, sudorific and insecticide. As of today, various potential therapeutic actions of tea tree oil have been verified so there is a lot more popularity of this oil for attaining a good state of health. Explore some of them below:

Benefits of using Tea Tree Oil

1. Clear Acne: If you are looking for a natural remedy to eliminate the problem of acne from root then tea tree oil will do wonders for you. Add2-3 drops of this oil with a carrier oil like coconut or olive oil and apply over the affected facial area twice in a day. You can feel the difference from the very first day!

2. Fights-off Foul Odor: Bad odor from foot and other body parts can be very embarrassing. Adding 2-3 drops of tea tree oil in bathing water is the best way to get away from foul body odors. Alternatively, you can also wipe your body with a towel soaked in the solution.

3. Softening Cuticles: If you want to grow your nails faster, you need to pay attention to your cuticles because these are the reason for the fast growth of your nails. Add 1-2 drops of tea tree oil in jojoba oil and gently apply over the cuticles. The same can be used to get rid of problems associated with toenail fungus.

4. Skin Infections: Dilute tea tree oil with water in a ratio of 1 drop per 50ml. Take a cotton ball and soak it in the solution and clean the skin gently. Repeat this step several times in a day to get rid of all kinds of bacterial and fungal infections owing to its antifungal, bactericidal and antiseptic properties.

5. Reduce Cold Sores: Dilute 2-3 drops of tea tree oil in jojoba oil and take a cotton ball. Soak the ball in the resultant solution and remove excess of oil. Use this cotton swab to clean the affected skin 3-4 times in a day.

Isn’t it amazing that know you now the amazing benefits of tree tea oil? Let us know how you used it to minimize your problem and if you know any other benefits of it, don’t feel shy to comment down on the space given below. We will love to hear it from you.

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