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Boronia Absolute Oil

Botanical Name Boronia megastigma

Origin Western Australia

General Name Boronia Absolute Oil

Boronia Absolute Oil

This 100% pure and natural is produced through the solvent extraction process from the evergreen shrub known as Boronia which belongs to the Rutaceae family which has small cup-shaped blossoms. This tremendous absolute is quite known for its appealing aroma and aphrodisiac properties. It is extracted through an extensive process solvent extraction which also helps in sustaining the purity standards and essence of our absolute.

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Method of Extraction and part of Plant Used Leaves and flowers of Boronia tree is used to extract absolute through solvent extraction method.


Dark Green in color

Blends Well With

Jasmine absolute, Orange and Neroli Essential Oils


Intense and floral whiff


Triacontane, eugenol and Ionon.


Nursing mothers and expecting women should avoid using this absolute.

Solubility Specific Gravity Optical Rotation Refractive Index Flash Point Extraction Method


Our undiluted boronia absolute is blessed with various medicinal properties which help in treating numerous health disorders naturally. Its floral and pleasing fragrance makes it widely cherished in the perfumeries and in the formulation of aromatic products that includes deodorants, incense sticks, room fresheners and many more. This absolute excels in revitalizing the body, mind and soul. Moreover, boronia absolute is enriched with aphrodisiac properties that help in boosting the sexual desire and treats impotency.

Product Description

Our pure absolute is derived through an extensive solvent extraction process from the leaves and flowers of the boronia tree. The blossoms of this evergreen shrub usually bloom in the spring season. This Australian tree mainly found in the open forests and woodlands and also denoted with the name called as Brown Boronia. However, our therapeutic grade of boronia absolute is highly enriched with various advantages of treating ailments naturally.

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It is excellent oil for aromatherapy treatment★★★★★

Boronia absolute oil contains various therapeutic properties; thereby it is proven to be very helpful for me in eliminating some health ailments. First I tried it for getting relief from stress and tension which I was going through for a long time. When I started using this absolute oil, I got immense relief from this. Thanks Natural Indian Oils, you provided me good quality of this oil. By:

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