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Jasmine Absolute

Botanical Name Jasminum Grandiflorum

Origin India

General Name Jasmine Absolute

Jasmine Absolute

Jasmine absolute is obtained from the flowers of jasminum grandiflora through the process of solvent extraction method. Jasmine is regarded as the king of flowers oils with very powerful properties. Due to its powerful aroma, it is considered perfect for conveying elegance, balance, and smoothness to perfume creations. It has an exquisitely floral aroma that differentiates it from other absolute oils. Because of its unique sweet and rich fragrance, it is used in cosmetics and also recommended in aromatherapy practices for treating sensitive skin, muscular complaints, depression and other stress-related conditions.

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Method of Extraction and part of Plant Used Jasmine absolute is extracted from the flowers of jasminum grandiflora through the process of solvent extraction method.

Properties Reddish brown

Blends Well With

Jasmine absolute oil perfectly blends with rose, bergamot and sandalwood oils.

Aroma Sweet and rich floral aroma

Integrant It consists of linalool, benzyl acetate, indole, benzyl alcohol and benzyl benzoate.

Precautions It is recommended that pregnant women should not use this absolute oil. Keep this absolute oil away from reach of children. In case of any allergic reaction, completely stop using this absolute oil.

Solubility Specific Gravity Optical Rotation Refractive Index Flash Point Extraction Method



Solvent Extraction


Jasmine absolute is referred as the king of oils because of its appealing aroma and spicy overtones. Jasmine absolute works wonderfully in calming overworked and tired muscles of the body. Due to its aphrodisiac property, it uplifts the sexual desire in the person and also proven to be a powerful tool for relieving depression, stress, anxiety and pessimism. It is considered as one of the most appropriate oils for sensitive skin. This absolute oil is used as a toner for inflamed skin and helps in giving a more radiant complexion.

Product Description

100% pure and unadulterated, our offered jasmine absolute is known for its rich, exotic and relaxing scent. It is also used as a gentle and cooling toner for relieving irritated and inflamed skin, eczema, acute dermatitis, neurogenic pruritus, painful injuries, and ulcers. Due to its aphrodisiac properties, it helps in increasing the sensation feeling by educing the release of endorphins from the pituitary gland, leading to a sense of euphoria.

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It Is Exactly What I Wanted★★★★★

I was looking for a perfect fragrance which can be worn at parties. On the suggestion of my cousin, I thought to give a try to jasmine absolute oil. I ordered it from Natural Indian Oils and received the very good quality of the product. The oil proved to be the amazing one for me. It has an amazing smell which everyone would like to wear after they smell it once. By:

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