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Kewra Attar

Botanical Name Pandanus Odoratissimus.

Origin India.

General Name Kewra Attar

Kewra Attar

The highly fascinating and captivating aroma of Kewra attar makes it active ingredient in the preparation of exotic scents, high class perfumery, room fresheners, deodorants and many other scented products. Over the years, this oil has been used to add exclusive fragrance and taste to cuisines.  This perfume oil is prepared in the base of sandalwood oil and comprises highly refreshing and rosy cologne. Preparation of this oil is made possible with the help of Kewra flowers. Kewra is an extract from the male flowers of a screw-pine tree or screw tree (Pandanus).

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Method of Extraction and part of Plant Used It is extracted from Kewra flowers through hydro-distillation process.

Properties Dice rosy color liquid.

Blends Well With

Sandalwood base.

Aroma Sweet and fruity odor.

Integrant Sandalwood oil and other essential oils.

Precautions Pregnant women and Nursing mother should seek proper medical advice before using this oil.

Solubility Specific Gravity Optical Rotation Refractive Index Flash Point Extraction Method


0.805 - 1.010 @ 270C

(-10) - (+10)

1.465 - 1.495 @ 270C




Kewra attar is highly demanded in the tobacco industry to add a flavor to tobacco related products and in the making of chewing gums. Not just the taste, it adds a unique fragrance to the tobacco products thus used at a large scale.  The highly alluring and captivating aroma of this perfume oil is capable of recharging the mind and provides immense relief from mental tiredness, annoyance, depression, stress, anxiety and nervous afflictions to a great extent.

Product Description

Kewra attar is renowned across the world for its alluring fragrance and unique taste thus extensively used in the preparation of many cuisines. It is non-toxic in nature therefore used in the preparation of numerous cosmetic and perfumery products. This perfume oil is prepared by using hydro-distillation extraction process from the fresh flowers of kewra plant. It is a flowering plant which is mostly found in the coastal regions and is native to India.

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I could overcome the mental tiredness by wearing it★★★★★

Due to the hectic schedule of the day, I often fell in mental tiredness. To get rid of that, I usually go through aromatherapy sessions. For the same purpose, I bought Kewra Attar from Natural Indian Oils but started wearing it on daily basis. Using this attar as a regular perfume has helped me to get immense relief from the problem of mental tiredness. Hats off to it! By:

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