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Mitti Attar

Botanical Name Attar of Earthern Soil

Origin India

General Name Mitti Attar

Mitti Attar

Commonly known as the attar of the eastern soil, Mitti attar is appreciated for its soothing, mellow, softly sweet, and nurturing fragrance which invokes a spirit of regeneration. This oil can be used alone or can be blended with other attars or oils in the perfumery industry for the production of aromatic products like scented candles, room freshers, incense sticks, exotic perfumes, and scents. Mitti attar has been also used since the time immemorial in India as a great skin care product. Topical application of this attar by diluting in the carrier oil helps to reduce extra oil and greasiness from the skin, making it toned, glowing, smooth, and supple.

Weight 50ml./ 1.760oz 100ml./ 3.520oz 250ml./ 8.799oz 500ml./ 17.598oz 1000ml./ 35.195oz
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Method of Extraction and part of Plant Used It is obtained from the clean soil of river bank using the hydro-distillation process.

Properties Light golden in color

Blends Well With

Sandalwood floral water and all available attars.

Aroma Intense, refreshing, and mesmerizing earthy aroma.

Integrant Essence of a clean baked earth, Indian white sandalwood essential oil.

Precautions Though it is completely safe to use for people of all ages, pregnant women should take a medical advice before using this attar to avoid any kind of discomfort.

Solubility Specific Gravity Optical Rotation Refractive Index Flash Point Extraction Method


0.9250 to 0.9450

-0.700 to -0.800

1.4365 to 1.4525




The soothing melodious fragrance of the wet earth present in this attar makes it one of the best available mild attars for use in the perfumery industry. This is the sole reason for the high demand of this attar for the production of the aromatic products like exotic scents, perfumes, room fresheners, and scented candles. Due to its natural wet aroma, most of the people love this attar. Mitti attar is also reckoned as one of the best attars for skin care. The topical application of this attar in dilution with a carrier oil over the skin removes the extra oil from the skin, making it soft to touch. With a lot of therapeutic and healing properties, the attar is considered a perfect source of calming aroma to reduce fatigue, anxiety and depression.

Product Description

Mitti attar is very demanding attar from the land of India where it has been in used in aromatherapy since the ancient times. It is prepared from the clean soil of the river banks through the hydro-distillation process. This attar comprises of the smell of rain and wet earth which almost everyone loves to sense. It's fragrance is one of the best among all attars to keep the mind calm, relaxed and fresh all the time. It is loaded with countless healing and medicinal properties which are the main reason behind its vigorous uses in the medicinal and skin care industries.

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