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Gul Hina Attar

Botanical Name Lawsonia Inermis.

Origin India.

General Name Gul Hina Attar

Gul Hina Attar

The exotic Gul Hina is extracted from the hydro distillation extraction method from the pure and fresh flowers of hina infusing it with pure sandal wood oil base. The flowers of hina comprise exotic, sweet, delicious floral cologne thus known as Flower of Paradise. Hina is botanically known as Lawsonia Inermis and is known for its incredible essence and sweet fragrance. This perfume oil is skin friendly and is quite revitalizing and can stay up to 10 hours.

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Method of Extraction and part of Plant Used It is extracted from the flowers of hina through hydro distillation extraction method.

Properties Pale yellow color liquid.

Blends Well With

Amber, Indian sandalwood essential oil, Hina zafrani and some other essential oils too.

Aroma Sweet, amazing and warming aroma.

Integrant Heena and Sandalwood.

Precautions Women during their pregnancy phase should seek proper medical advice from an expert.

Solubility Specific Gravity Optical Rotation Refractive Index Flash Point Extraction Method

soluble in water

0.9650 to 0.9850

-0.300 to -0.400

1.4765 to 1.4925


Hydro Distillation


Gul Hina Attar is highly demanded in the tobacco industry. This perfume oil has an exotic fragrance thus used as a flavoring agent in tobacco based products. Over the centuries, this perfume oil has been worn by both men and women due to its soothing and calming fragrance. Moreover, this oil has been used by pious people during rituals as an offering to their god/goddess and get their blessings. Apart from this, it provides calm and peace thus helpful in providing immense relief from acute stress, annoyance, mental fatigue, depression and nervous problems.

Product Description

The pale yellowish color Gul Hina Attar is derived through the extensive process of hydro distillation extraction method from the fresh hina flowers infusing it with pure sandal wood oil base. Henna is a small tree or tall shrub standing up to 1.8 to 7.6 m tall. For over 6,000 years, heena has been used as a cosmetic hair dye. One can also find the smell of hina in "Pan Shop". Its intense therapeutic properties make it useful in medicinal purposes.

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Its appealing floral aroma can get you lots of appreciation★★★★★

The highly fascinating Gul Hina Attar has gained so much popularity for spreading a very nice and appealing floral smell. Also, when I got to know that it is widely used for the preparation of various perfumery products, I didn't waste any moment for buying it. Yes, I love to wear the fragrance which this attar produces. By:

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