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Amber Absolute Oil

Botanical Name Pinus Succinefera

Origin Europe

General Name Amber Absolute Oil

Amber Absolute Oil

This absolute is derived from the fossilized tree resin which is quite known for its natural exquisiteness since antiquity. The word amber is the derivative of Arabic language. It is also widely denoted with the name styrax and found in the various European countries. This natural amber absolute has a sharp and enticing aroma which helps in treating various mental distresses such as stress, depression, mental fatigue and many more.

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Method of Extraction and part of Plant Used It is extracted from the fossilized resins of an ancient conifer tree through solvent extraction method.


Yellowish-orange in color

Blends Well With

Jojoba oil, organic patchouli and natural vitamin E.


Feral resin whiff


Communic acid, Labdane, Biformene.


It is extremely advisable to seek proper medical advice from an expert before using this absolute.

Solubility Specific Gravity Optical Rotation Refractive Index Flash Point Extraction Method


Our undiluted absolute is blessed with numerous therapeutic properties which effectively help in treating numerous ailments. This absolute is highly beneficial in relieving the problem of jaundice, kidney and bladder complaints. With its amazing aphrodisiac properties, it plays a significant role in treating sex-related disorders such as lack of libido, sexual desire, short-term impotency and erectile dysfunctions. Moreover, its enticing fragrance and immensely calming effects makes this absolute ideal for the aromatherapy and perfume industry by effectively relieving stress, anxiety and depression.

Product Description

Amber absolute is exclusively prepared from the sap of the ancient conifer tree which is pretty known for its natural beauty since the golden era. This absolute is prepared from the resins of the amber wood through an extensive process solvent extraction. It has rich aroma that makes it a chief ingredient in most of the perfumes and cosmetics. Since the ancient times, this floral absolute oil is used to treat numerous deficiencies and diseases with its enormous and natural therapeutic properties.

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