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Caraway Essential Oil

Botanical Name Carum Carvi.

Origin Asia, Africa, Europe, Western Asia, Northern Europe.

General Name Caraway Essential Oil

Caraway Essential Oil

Our 100% pure, natural and unadulterated Caraway essential oil is derived from the seeds of the caraway plant through steam distillation method. It is a pale yellowish color liquid having slight peppery fragrance. Caraway is also known as Persian cumin or meridian fennel is a biennial plant of the Apiaceae family. It is originated from Asia Minor but nowadays widely cultivated in Africa, Europe, Western Asia, Northern Europe and Russia. In many sacred books, the medicinal properties of caraway seeds have been widely appreciated and explained in detail.

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Method of Extraction and part of Plant Used It is extracted from the seeds of Caraway through steam distillation method.

Properties Pale yellowish in color.

Blends Well With

Basil, ginger, chamomile and orange oils.

Aroma Sweet spicy odor with a slight peppery smell.

Integrant Furfurol, Cumuninic aldehyde, Carvone, Acetaldehyde and many others.

Precautions Dilute properly before application.

Solubility Specific Gravity Optical Rotation Refractive Index Flash Point Extraction Method

Insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol and oils

0.90000 - 0.91000 @ 25 C

+70.00 to +80.00

1.47900 - 1.49520 @ 20 C

145 F

Steam Distillation


This essential oil is beneficial for lactating mothers as it enhances both the quantity and the quality of milk. It is a very good antiseptic and disinfectant substance thus effectively cures infections of the digestive, respiratory, colon, urinary and excretory systems along with treating external infections.  Moreover, it inhibits the growth of fungi, bacteria & virus and prevents the infection of open cuts, wounds and ulcers. Apart from this, it is highly beneficial for those women who suffer from delayed or obstructed menstruation.

Product Description

The highly mesmerizing Caraway essential oil is obtained through the extensive process of steam distillation from the seeds of the caraway plant. The seeds of Caraway are used in large number of medicinal preparations for treating various disorders such as eye infection, rheumatism, toothaches and many others. It is often used in combination with peppermint oil to get immense relief from irritable bowel syndrome and indigestion. Moreover, it contains antimicrobial and antihistamines compounds that help to soothe the muscles from spasms.

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Effective against fungal infection★★★★★

Caraway essential oil is highly beneficial for those who are suffering from fungal infections. I have used this oil many times to treat my fungal infection and it proved to be very helpful for me. Also, I have suggested this to many and they all are acquiring the benefits from this magical oil. In my opinion, everyone should give a try to caraway essential oil. By:

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