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Davana Essential Oil

Botanical Name Artemisia pallens.

Origin India

General Name Davana Essential Oil

Davana Essential Oil

Our premium grade Davana Essential Oil is one of the most useful oils for curing numerous health ailments.  It is a dark green to reddish-brownish green viscous liquid having rich, warm, penetrating, uniquely herbaceous fragrance.  The essential oil of Davana is formulated by using the means of steam distillation from the flowers of the Davana plant (botanically known as Artemisia Pallens) and has been widely used for curing countless health ailments from the time immemorial.

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Method of Extraction and part of Plant Used It is extracted from the flowers of the Davana plant through steam distillation method.

Properties Dark green to reddish-brownish green viscous liquid.

Blends Well With

Bergamot, jasmine, mandarin, sandalwood, tangerine, vanilla, amyris, ylang ylang, ornage, neroli oils and many others.

Aroma Rich, sweet, fruity.

Integrant Artemone, acetoeugenol, davana ether, davanone, nordavanone, Ketones and isodavanone.

Precautions Before using this oil, pregnant woman should seek proper medical advice from an expert.

Solubility Specific Gravity Optical Rotation Refractive Index Flash Point Extraction Method

Insoluble in water

0.9394 - 0.9560 @ 20 C

+32 to +60 (25 C)

1,4810 - 1,4917 (20 C)

94 C

Steam Distillation


Davana Essential Oil is a powerful disinfectant thus effectively fights infections from microbes, bacteria, fungi & viruses and prevents infectious diseases. Due to this, it is extensively used in sprays, fumigants or vaporizers to disinfect the nearby area and makes it completely free from bacteria and microbes. The expectorant property of Davana oil loosens up accumulated coughs and phlegm depositions in the lungs and respiratory tracts thus makes breathing easier. Also, it effectively reduces coughs and relieves congestion whilst treating other ailments including joints pains, acute headache and many more.

Product Description

The essential oil of Davana is derived through the process of steam distillation from the flowers of the Davana plant (scientifically known as Artemisia Pallens) and has been extensively used for religious purposes in India since the time immemorial. The fresh flowers of Davana are used in daily rituals as sacred offerings to Lord Shiva in India. Davana essential oil is extensively used in high class perfumes, creams, and body oils. Despite of its innumerable health benefits, this essential oil is widely used to flavor cuisines.

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It was very useful for me★★★★★

Owing to the deposition of coughs and phlegm in my lungs, it was really hard to breathe properly. Once, my cousin suggested me to use davana essential oil for dealing with the problem. I ordered this oil from Natural Indian Oils and received the good quality of it. Only by smelling this oil, it helped me in loosening up the accumulated phlegm. By:

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