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Jasmine oil

Botanical Name Jasminum Grandiflorum.

Origin India.

General Name Jasmine oil

Jasmine oil

The essential oil of jasmine is renowned across the world for its potent therapeutic properties which make it helpful for treating numerous health ailments.  It is a light brownish color liquid having intense, warm and floral cologne. Its pleasing and captivating aroma makes it chief ingredient in formulation of high class perfumery, exotic scents, incense sticks, deodorants, room fresheners and many other scented products. To extract this oil flowers of jasmine are required. Jasmine is a genus of vines and shrubs belongs to the Oleaceae family.

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Method of Extraction and part of Plant Used It is derived from the flowers of Jasminum Grandiflora (Royal Jasmine) and Jasminum Officinale (Common Jasmine) through steam distillation method.

Properties Light brown color liquid.

Blends Well With

Bergamot, Sandalwood, Rose and all Citrus oils.

Aroma Intense, warm, exotic and floral aroma.

Integrant Benzyl Acetate, Benzoic Acid, Benzaldehyde, Geraniol, Ceosol, Eugenol, Farnesol, Geraniol, Cis-jasmone, Gamma Terpineol, Linalool, Benzyl Blcohol, Benzyl Benzoate, Indole and Nerolidol, Isohytol, and Phytol.

Precautions Pregnant women and nursing mother should seek proper medical advice from an expert before using this oil.

Solubility Specific Gravity Optical Rotation Refractive Index Flash Point Extraction Method


0.920 - 0.975

-0.300 to -0.400

1.475 - 1.495

80 C

steam distillation


The highly rejuvenating aroma of jasmine oil has pleasing and uplifting effects on the mind and actively fights against stress, depression, mental exhaustion. Its intense aphrodisiac property of jasmine oil works effectively in treating temporary sexual problems including lack of sexual desire, premature ejaculation, frigidity, impotency and many others. It increases the secretion of milk from the breasts thus ideal for lactating mothers and their new babies. Apart from this, it is helpful in inducing long, restful and undisturbed sleep.

Product Description

The myriad health benefits is attributed to its potent therapeutic properties such as aphrodisiac, antispasmodic, antiseptic, antidepressant, cicatrisant, expectorant, sedative and many others. It is a light brownish color liquid derived through steam distillation method from the flowers of Jasminum Grandiflora (Royal Jasmine) and Jasminum Officinale (Common Jasmine). Jasmine is a very famous flower also known as “The king of Flowers” having strong yet pleasing, sweet and romantic fragrance. It is a species of flowering plant belongs to the Oleaceae family, native to Northern Iran, Afghanistan, India, Nepal and Western China.

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Feel The Magic Of Jasmine Oil★★★★★

Seeking for a natural remedy to overcome the problem of mental exhaustion? If your answer is yes then take my advice and give a try to jasmine oil. This is one of the best oils which I have used in whole life. I used it in my aromatherapy treatment and it helped me a lot in getting rid of the problem of mental exhaustion. Highly recommended!! By:

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