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Loban Attar

Botanical Name Styrax Tonkinesis

Origin India

General Name Loban Attar

Loban Attar

Loban attar is derived from the resin of old gum benjamin tree through hydro-distillation method. It has a strong, lovely and vanilla-like aroma. This attar is widely used in aromatherapy and other healing applications to alleviate various health ailments. This attar is widely used in perfumery, cosmetic and toiletries products such as creams, soaps, perfumes, deodorants and talcum powder. Owing to its rich therapeutic properties and warm vanilla-like aroma, this attar is widely used in creating a refreshing perfume.

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Method of Extraction and part of Plant Used Loban Attar is extracted from the resin of old gum benjamin tree through hydro-distillation process.

Properties Golden color

Blends Well With

Loban Attar perfectly blends with Cardamom, Orange, Frankincense, Myrtle, Sandalwood, Neroli and some other essential oils.

Aroma Very strong vanilla like fragrance


Precautions Although this attar is safe for kids and adults to use, but it is recommended that pregnant ladies should take proper medical advice before using it.

Solubility Specific Gravity Optical Rotation Refractive Index Flash Point Extraction Method


0.9450 to 0.9650

0.77000 - 0.79800

1.6765 to 1.6925


Hydro Distillation


The offered loban attar is widely used in the perfumery industry for manufacturing of cosmetic and aromatic products such as creams, soaps, lotions, talcum powder, exotic perfumes, incense sticks, scented candles and room fresheners. Due to its highly refreshing aroma and calming properties, it is perfect for use in aromatherapy treatment centers. This attar is also very beneficial in curing many health ailments such as asthma, lung infection and bronchitis. Apart from this, it is also very effective in curing wounds, cuts and other skin problems.

Product Description

Loban attar is widely used in the aroma therapy centers to provide relief from stress, mental fatigue, depression, anxiety and other stress related problems. Owing to its high medicinal properties, this attar is very effective in treating problems related to respiratory system such as asthma, bronchitis, lung infection and others. Loban attar offered by us is 100% pure, natural and unadulterated that is extensively used in the preparation of perfumes. Traditionally, this attar is used in the form of hawan samagri to perform worship and religious rituals in various parts of Indian subcontinent.

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It Has That Fragrance Which Everybody Looks For★★★★★

I had been in the search of perfect fragrant oil for me which can be worn on a regular basis. Then one day while browsing the internet, I found loban attar to be most suitable one for me. I have been using this oil for 5 months and I’m very much satisfied with the quality which Natural Indian Oils provided to me. Highly recommended!! By:

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