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Mitti attar or Fullers Earth or Baked Earth

Botanical Name Attar of Earthern Soil

Origin India

General Name Mitti attar or Fullers Earth or Baked Earth

Mitti attar or Fullers Earth or Baked Earth

Mitti attar is obtained from the herbs through a process of hydro distillation method. Mitti attar is also known as Fullers Earth or Baked Earth. It has earthy, soothing, and exotic aroma that makes it one of the best amongst all the attars to feel fresh. This attar is believed to have various medicinal and therapeutic properties as it helps in making skin soft, supple and smooth. It is one of the most organic scents of all the Ayurvedic aromas. It is a perfect fragrance that captures the purest scent of rain falling to the Earth.

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Method of Extraction and part of Plant Used Mitti attar is extracted from the herbs through hydro distillation method.

Properties Pure golden in color

Blends Well With

Mitti attar perfectly blends well with all other attars and sandalwood floral water.

Aroma Sweet and soothing

Integrant It consists of Indian white Sandalwood essential oil and essence of clean baked earth.

Precautions This attar is safe to use as it is non-toxic in nature.

Solubility Specific Gravity Optical Rotation Refractive Index Flash Point Extraction Method


0.9250 to 0.9450

-0.700 to -0.800

1.4365 to 1.4525


Hydro Distillation


With a sweet and soothing aroma, Mitti attar is widely used in the perfume industry. It is known to be a good skin element which helps in nourishing and moisturizing skin. It reduces the greasiness and extra oil from the skin for making it soft to touch. Due to its medicinal properties, this attar is used to calm down the menstrual cramps, cure the sore throat and to uphold a perfect health. It helps in keeping away the negative thoughts to gives relaxed and calming effect on mind and body.

Product Description

Our Mitti attar is 100% pure and natural which contains the refreshing fragrance of the wet earth. Pure golden in color, this attar blends with all other attars and sandalwood floral water. Because of its natural aroma, this natural attar is preferred by most of the people. Owing to its medicinal properties, mitti attar is perfect for treating sore throat, reduces the menstrual cramps and rejuvenating the nervous system. It helps in maintaining the perfect health due to its natural and therapeutic benefits.

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A Perfect Perfume Oil Everyone★★★★★

If you are searching for natural fragrant oil then don’t think about anything and place your order for mitti attar. I have been using this attar for a very long time just because of its enticing and energizing fragrance. It is capable enough to lift up my mood. I would like to recommend this amazing oil to everyone. By:

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