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Musk Rose Oil

Botanical Name Rosa moschata

Origin India

General Name Musk Rose Oil

Musk Rose Oil

Musk rose oil is obtained from the amber musk plant through the process of steam distillation method. It is recommended for a wide variety of dermatological and cosmetic problems because of its distinct therapeutic properties. Musk rose oil is clinically proven to have unique healing and regenerative power for skin. It is also very effective for the attenuation of scars, burns, pimples, acne marks and wrinkles etc. This oil works as a powerful agent for almost all skin types, complexion as well as super sensitive skin. In all, it is perfect for the face, body, skin as well as hair care.

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Method of Extraction and part of Plant Used Musk rose oil is extracted from the amber musk plant through steam distillation method.

Properties Off-white in color

Blends Well With

Musk rose oil perfectly blends well with Sandalwood oil and other carrier oils.

Aroma Attractive floral and musk scent

Integrant It consists of 80% essential fatty acid and out of which, 44% are linoleic acids and 36 % are alpha linoleic.

Precautions It is recommended that pregnant women should avoid using it.

Solubility Specific Gravity Optical Rotation Refractive Index Flash Point Extraction Method

Steam Distillation


Musk Rose oil is very effective in fighting against the signs of ageing as well as it stimulates the regeneration in the skin. Apart from this benefit, it is ideally suited to improve the texture as well as quality of the skin by increasing its elasticity and youthfulness. Musk rose oil is also used to treat damaged, devitalized or dehydrated skin for making it soft and supple. It provides the skin with essential fatty acids that deeply nourish and hydrate the skin while adding youthfulness, softness and elasticity. This oil is also very effective in reducing wrinkles, fines lines, dermal scars, age spots and stretch marks.

Product Description

Musk rose oil is extracted from the amber musk plant which is commonly found in the dense forest and pollution free area through the steam distillation process. Commonly known as “Elixir of Youth”, it is an outstanding moisturizing and skin nourishing oil. This oil is quite popular in the cosmetic industry as the key ingredient of various skin creams because it makes the skin smooth, supple and moisturized. It blends with sandalwood oil and other carrier oils to generate a luxurious and pleasing fragrance.

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A perfect anti-aging oil★★★★

I had been looking for a natural remedy that works best as an anti-agent. Finally, I found musk rose oil to be the most suitable one for me. Getting suggested by my friend, I ordered this oil from Natural Indian Oils and received the purest form of the oil. After using it for a month, I could see the difference. Yes, it is a perfect anti-agent oil. By:

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