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Olive Oil

Botanical Name Olea Europaea

Origin India

General Name Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Olive oil is derived from the fruits of olive trees with the help of cold pressing method. The health benefits and culinary usefulness of olive oil is unrivalled. It is being used by millions of people because of its proven benefits to human health. Myriad of diseases and ailments such as diabetes, Alzheimer, cancer, heart problems, obesity and blood pressure can easily be avoided and improved with the help of olive oil. It has been proven that regular intake of olive oil helps in decreasing the risk of hypertension, stroke, etc.

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Method of Extraction and part of Plant Used Olive oil extracted from the fruits of olive trees through cold pressing process.

Properties Light gold to rich green color

Blends Well With

Olive oil blends well with almost all essential oils.

Aroma Fresh scent

Integrant The major constituents of oil are Behenic, Erucic Acids, Linolenic, Palmitoleic, Linoleic, Stearic, Arachidic, Gadoleic, Palmitic and Oleic.

Precautions It is advised that pregnant women should not use this oil.

Solubility Specific Gravity Optical Rotation Refractive Index Flash Point Extraction Method

Insoluble in water


Steam Distillation


Due to the presence of monounsaturated fat, olive oil helps in lowering the risk of heart disease and problems. Regular use of olive oil in cooking and salad dressing lowers the risk of stroke. According to a study, olive oil has been proved to reduce the risk of depression among the people who are taking rich mono- and polyunsaturated fats diets as compared to people who are taking high trans-fats diets. It may also reduce the risk of breast cancer. In spite of being high in calories, olive oil is helps in reducing obesity.

Product Description

Our offered olive oil is 100% pure, natural and free from any adulteration. It is extensively used around the globe because of its incredible health benefits. The scientific name of olive oil is Olea Europaea and has a very fresh scent. It can be used for the treatment of various problems such as cancer, heart disease, oxidative stress, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, arthritis and stroke. It has been proved that olive oil keep the heart healthy and young. Apart from these benefits, olive oil helps in alleviating mental fatigue, stress and depression.

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Ideal for care of heart and skin★★★★★

The essential oil of olive has long been demanded among humankind to ensure the better health of skin and muscles. Also, this oil is much-praised for being an essential ingredient of diet to stay away from heart problems. I greatly use Olive Oil to maintain the cholesterol level in my body as I was having minor strokes. But now, I am much happy to see the lower among of LDL in my body. All thanks to olive oil from Natural Indian Oil. By:

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