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Oudh Attar Aasam India

Botanical Name Henna

Origin India

General Name Oudh Attar Aasam India

Oudh Attar Aasam India

Oudh Attar Aasam India is obtained from the flowers of Pimpinella Anisum with the help of hydro-distillation process. The botanical name of this plant is Aquilaria agallocha that bears soft, sweet and aromatic flowers. It is extensively popular in aromatherapy practices in order to treat stress, mental fatigue, depression and other nervous system disorders. It possesses a captivating and pleasant fragrance which makes this attar an important ingredient in processing alluring and exotic perfumes. Apart from this, it is wonderful attar which is ideal for treating skin problems and it can directly applied to the skin.

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Method of Extraction and part of Plant Used Oudh Attar Aasam India is extracted from the flowers of Pimpinella Anisum through hydro-distillation process.

Properties Brown in color

Blends Well With

Oudh Attar Aasam India blends with sandalwood oil and all other types of attar.

Aroma Soft sweetness of flowers

Integrant N/A

Precautions Although it is safe to use, but it is recommended that pregnant ladies should take proper medical advice before using it.

Solubility Specific Gravity Optical Rotation Refractive Index Flash Point Extraction Method

Soluble in Alcohols


-0.300 to -0.400



Hydro Distillation


The soothing and refreshing aroma of oudh attar from Aasam, India is known to have cooling property which is especially suited in the preparation of lotions, ointments, beauty products and medicated skin creams. These creams and ointments are very useful for boils, bruises and skin inflammations. Oudh attar from Aasam, India is extensively popular for formulation of aromatic products and perfumes such as exotic scents, incense sticks, air fresheners, aromatic tonner, etc. Due to its soothing and cooling effect on the body and mind, it is widely used in aromatherapy treatments. It helps in treating anxiety, stress, depression and other nervous system disorders.

Product Description

Extracted from the flowers of Pimpinella Anisum with the help of hydro distillation process, Oudh attar aasam India is known for its cooling properties. It creates a soothing and calming effect on the mind and body to eliminate stress, mental fatigue, depression, anxiety and other mind related problems. This attar possesses a soft and pleasant aroma that has some tea-like fragrance. This attar blends with sandalwood oil as well as all attars. It is very effective in curing skin ailments for assisting in skin rejuvenation by generating new cells.

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The best attar I have ever used★★★★★

This is the great perfume oil among all I have used so far. When I was surfing internet, I got to know about Oudh Attar Aasam India. It is very famous for its appealing and refreshing fragrance across the world. I didn't waste the time and instantly ordered a bottle from Natural Indian Oils. Yes, it was the same as I expected. By:

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