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Rose Attar

Botanical Name Rose Damascena

Origin India

General Name Rose Attar

Rose Attar

Rose attar is extracted from the petals of Rose Daascena flowers through the process of hydro-distillation method. Rose attar is known as the most romantic of all the essential oils, producing a sweet rosy and floral aroma. Rose attar is highly demanded in the perfume industry for the processing of high-end perfumes. It is also beneficial for getting a healthy immune system. It is effective in treating skin problems and helps in making your skin radiant. It perfectly blends with essential oils such as jasmine oil, sandalwood oil and frankincense oil.

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Method of Extraction and part of Plant Used Rose Attar is extracted from the petals of Rose Daascena flowers through hydro-distillation process.

Properties Rosy in color

Blends Well With

Rose Attar blends well with Frankincense Oil, Jasmine Oil and Sandalwood Oil.

Aroma Sweet Rosy aroma

Integrant The main components of rose attar are Nerol, Geraniol, Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol And Rose Oxide.

Precautions Although it is safe to use, but it should not be directly used on eyes.

Solubility Specific Gravity Optical Rotation Refractive Index Flash Point Extraction Method

Soluble in Alcohol

0.805 to 1.010

(-10) to (+10)

1.465 to 1.495


Hydro Distillation


Owing to amazing therapeutic properties, rose attar is widely used for the production of various types of cosmetic products such as lotions, skin creams, talcum powder and bathing soaps. It is very effective in treating various skin conditions such as acne and pimples to make your skin look more radiant. Known for its sweet and floral fragrance, it is extensively popular in the perfumery industry. Its therapeutic property helps in calming the mind and nerves to uplift the senses amazingly. Rose attar brings the positive feeling in the person by providing relief from stress, depression, mental fatigue and other related problems.

Product Description

Extracted from the Rose Damascena, the offered Rose attar is known for its lovely, warm and deep floral aroma. It is preferred as an active ingredient for the formulation of skin creams and lotions that help in making your skin look more radiant. Rose attar comprises of anti-depressant agents that help in diminishing the signs of stress and depression. This excellent attar also calms the irritated mind and fills the person with love and compassion.

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The best perfume oil★★★★

Few months back, while browsing internet I came to know about Rose Attar that it is extensively used as a key ingredient for the preparation of various perfumery products. I didn't waste any other moment and placed an order with Natural Indian Oils. The quality of this attar was appreciable and even the fragrance which it emits. By:

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