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Sandalwood Shamama Attar

Botanical Name Santalum Album

Origin India

General Name Sandalwood Shamama Attar

Sandalwood Shamama Attar

Sandalwood shamama attar is obtained from the heartwoods of sandal through a process of hydrodistillation method. This attar possesses a woody and long lasting fragrance. Widely used in aromatherapy centers, sandalwood shamama attar helps in treating mind related problems such as stress, depression, anxiety, mental fatigue and exhaustion etc. It is beneficial in treating skin ailments to make your skin look radiant. Furthermore, this attar mixes well with essential oils such as Musk, Jasmine, Amber and Ylang-Ylang.

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Method of Extraction and part of Plant Used Sandalwood shamama attar is extracted from the heartwoods of sandal through hydrodistillation process.

Properties Watery Viscosity

Blends Well With

Sandalwood shamama attar blends well with Jasmine, Musk, Ylang- Ylang and Amber oil.

Aroma Woody and long lasting fragrance


Precautions Although it is safe to use, but it is recommended that it should be avoided during pregnancy.

Solubility Specific Gravity Optical Rotation Refractive Index Flash Point Extraction Method


0.9650 to 0.9850

0.37000 - 0.39800

1.4565 to 1.4725


Hydro Distillation


Sandalwood shamama attar is very popular in aromatherapy centers as it helps in revitalizing your body. It relaxes your body and mind by uplifting your spirits and senses. This attar possesses various health benefits that makes it an effective choice for alleviating certain health concerns such as diarrhea, dysentery and others. It is known to have amazing healing properties and is also beneficial on applying on skin. Apart from this, sandalwood shamama attar is very effective in treating various problems such as stress, anxiety, depression, mental fatigue and exhaustion.

Product Description

Extracted from the heartwoods of sandal, sandalwood shamama attar is well-known for its long lasting aroma. Native to India, the botanical name of this attar is Santalum Album. This wonderful attar is extensively used in the formulation of perfumes and scents. Apart from this, this attar is used in aromatherapy practices due to its relaxing and soothing properties. It also helps in relaxing your mind and revitalizing your body. Owing to this amazing property, it is highly recommended during meditational process and yoga.

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You will love its fragrance★★★★★

If are searching for a fragrance aroma to wear on regular basis, you must try Sandalwood Shamama Attar. I can say so as I have been using this attar for a long time and I'm quite satisfied with it. The fragrance which this attar emits is really energizing and even it keeps me refreshed all the time. Highly recommended! By:

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