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Zafri Attar (Mari Gold/Gend Attar)

Botanical Name Calendula Officinalis

Origin India

General Name Zafri Attar (Mari Gold/Gend Attar)

Zafri Attar (Mari Gold/Gend Attar)

Zafri attar is obtained from the marigold flowers by using a base of sandalwood oil with the help of hydrodistillation process. Zafri attar is also known as Mari Gold attar or Genda Attar. Botanically known with the name of Calendula officinalis, Zafri attar is widely popular for its miraculous health benefits and numerous therapeutic properties. This oil has a very pleasing & long lasting aroma which opens the lungs when inhaled. It easily blends with sandalwood oil to produce a more refreshing and attractive fragrance.

Weight 50ml./ 1.760oz 100ml./ 3.520oz 250ml./ 8.799oz 500ml./ 17.598oz 1000ml./ 35.195oz
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Method of Extraction and part of Plant Used Zafri attar is extracted from the marigold flowers by utilizing sandalwood oil as a base through the hydrodistillation process.

Properties Yellow in color

Blends Well With

Zafri attar blends well with sandalwood oil.

Aroma Very refreshing, pleasing and attractive fragrance

Integrant N/A

Precautions Although it is safe to use still, pregnant ladies should avoid using it.

Solubility Specific Gravity Optical Rotation Refractive Index Flash Point Extraction Method

Water Soluble


+14° 10' TO +25°



Hydro Distillation


Zafri attar offers a natural way to get relief from depression and stress. It makes a perfect anti-depressant when it is used for head massage by diluting in suitable carrier oil. Due to this amazing property, it is extensively used in aromatherapy centers. The refreshing, attractive and long lasting aroma of Zafri attar makes it popular among the formulation of various expensive perfumes and other scented products such as incense sticks, talcum powders, bathing soaps, candles, room fresheners, etc. It has been in use from a long period of time due to its wonderful sedative property. This attar is also used in various religious and spiritual purposes.

Product Description

Our offered Zafri attar is much appreciated for its distinctively beautiful and very refreshing scent. Zafri attar is made using the marigold flowers in the sandalwood oil which produce a very refreshing and attractive fragrance. The calming and soothing aroma of Zafri attar helps in relaxing the body while giving relief from emotional and psychological hyper reactions. It is also used in meditation, yoga and various religious purposes.

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Excellent for aromatherapy★★★★★

It had been a long time while searching for a natural remedy to be used for my aromatherapy treatment. Surprisingly, before a month I got suggested by my uncle to use Zafri Attar. I immediately ordered it from Natural Indian Oil and started using it. This attar helped me in getting instant relief from mental tiredness. By:

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