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6 Impressive Ways to Use Lime Oil

lime essential oil uses and benefits

When it comes to citrus fruits, limes have always been our favorites. Everyone enjoys this fruit when consumed as juice, utilized as part of different dishes or taken as a fruit. This amazing fruit comes in several varieties with colors ranging from medium green to yellow. Everywhere throughout the world, lime is generally used to make pickles, jams, candies and other beverages. At present, this citrus like fruit has taken the form of liquid and is frequently utilized as part of innumerable skin friendly and hair care products. Continue reading to know more about this therapeutic grade lime oil

Interesting Information about Lime Oil

Famous for its distinctive aroma and flavor, the essential oil of lime consists of apparently endless applications for personal care, cleaning, cooking and many more. Cold-pressed from the peels of lime, this fascinating essential oil is rich in vitamin C content that makes it an ideal immune system booster to help you protecting from cold and flu. Most often, the sweet, fresh and citrus like fragrance of this oil has made it popular to be utilized as part of aromatic industry for manufacturing various aromatic products.

Multiple Ways to Make Use of Lime Oil

1. Proven helpful in easing stress, fatigue and uneasiness or even calm the mind when used in a vaporizer. This likewise helps in improving the immune system, particularly after a disease.

2. To get immense relief from coughs, colds, sore throat, sinusitis and chest congestion, add a couple drops of lime oil to steaming water in a bowl and breathe in it. Else, it can also be mixed with carrier oil and then rub it around neck and chest.

3. If you are the patient of arthritis and rheumatism, take a few drops of lime oil and mix it with any one of carrier oil. Then, massage the blend on the affected areas consistently.

4. Treat the bleeding cuts & wounds with the help of lime oil. First, blend it well with any carrier oil and apply it on the affected area. It will not only boost up the healing process but also protect the wound from turning to septic.

5. For skin inflammation or any other skin issues, blend two drops of lime oil with approx 15 drops of jojoba oil and apply the blend onto the skin topically. It will help washout all the skin impurities while advancing the development of new skin cells.

6. Maintain the distance from dandruff and bring life to dull, oily and frizzy hair by blending a couple drops of lime oil in your preferred shampoo when washing the hair. It can help expel the oil swiftly while moisturizing the scalp from within.

Quite apparent with the above discussion, lime oil in any form offers many benefits. It is highly recommended to use this cold-pressed lime oil as it retains quite a well number of the natural elements. Click here to buy online

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