•  Massage and Spa oils-A Gentle and Sensual Way to Calm Your Mind and Soul

    Get on the board to experience the miraculous soothing effects of our extensive range of massage and spa oils. At our web store, we offer a wide array of finest quality massage and spa oils. These natural oils have been nurtured from the lap of Mother Nature in the most appropriate manner. Therefore, all the natural oils are synthetic-free and possess pleasing natural scent.

  • Enhance Your Life in the Realm of Tranquility and Extravagance

    A massage with these natural oils is one of the most luxurious and sensual experiences. It is a very soothing, gentle and quite a sensual way to rejuvenate fatigued muscles and exhausted mind. The highly fragrant and therapeutically enriched massage oils have been used for thousands of years to maintain beauty of the skin and to calm the soul. Don't you wish to experience the most soothing massage & spa experience with enriching and soothing oils? If yes then visit our website Natural Indian Oils and select the finest quality massage and spa oils to renew your senses and attain the peak of calmness and serenity.

    Plunge Into Our Array to Get the Most Rejuvenating Treatment

    Our range of massage and spa oil is aromatic, sensual, incredibly indulging and gentle. Thus, it is broadly used by massage therapists across the globe. Also, our array is suitable to be used by aromatherapy enthusiasts in the comforts of their homes. Adding few drops of our oil to your bath deeply penetrates skin and relaxes the mind and body.

    With our line of massage and spa oils, you can experience the true bliss of nature which is amazingly enriched with enormous therapeutic properties. You will not find any synthetics but just a heavenly natural fragrance that can ease your body, mind and soul. With our reasonably priced massage and spa oils, relieve your fatigued muscles and stressed mind.


Natural Essential Oils

Massage And Spa Oils - G

English Name

Botanical Name

Pelargonium odorantissimum.

Massage And Spa Oils - H

English Name

Botanical Name

Lonicera caprifolium

Humulus lupulus

Massage And Spa Oils - L

English Name

Botanical Name

Lavendula augustifolia

Massage And Spa Oils - R

English Name

Botanical Name

Rosmarinus Officinails

Massage And Spa Oils - W

English Name

Botanical Name

Triticum vulgare

Awards from

1 0-1000 ML US$ 100
2 1001-2000 ML US$ 150
3 Greater then 2000 ML US$ 75 + Additional US$ 7.00 per 1000 ML


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