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A Complete Guide to Know All About Olive Oil

olive oil uses and benefits

The mesmerizing Olive Oil is extracted from the fruits of olive trees (also known as Olea europaea) with the help of cold pressed extraction method. When it comes to health benefits as well as culinary usefulness, Olive Oil does the incomparable job. Owing to its proven benefits to human health, this oil is being used by thousands and millions of people across the globe. A wide number of conditions associated with Alzheimer, diabetes, heart problems, cancer, obesity and blood pressure can easily be improved using Olive Oil. Moreover, it has been found that regular intake of Olive Oil is also helpful in diminishing the risk of hypertension, stroke and more.


Olive Trea Has a Long History

The tree of Olive is mainly grown in Asia Minor, Iran, Syria and some other specific parts too. Belonging to the family of Oleaceae, the tree of Olive is botanically known as Olea europaea. It is believed that the existence of the Olive tree on earth dates back to the 12th millennium BC. The Olive tree is mainly native to Mediterranean basin. Neolithic people used to collect the wild olives in the early 8th millennium BC.


What Benefits Can Be Acquired Using Olive Oil?

Well, there are a number of benefits which one can acquire using Olive Oil. You should know that there is a lot more which Olive Oil can do than you think of it.

Reduces the Wrinkles & Fine Lines: Due to the rich content of oleic and linoleic acid present in olive oil, it is regarded as one of the best skin moisturizers. Regular application of this carrier oil over the skin helps to regenerate and soothe skin cells for a clean, clear and blemish-free skin.

olive oil for skin care

Helpful in Preventing Strokes: Regular consumption of olive oil in food and salads has been well renowned among the people from ancient times. Just fry your veggies in this oil or garnish few drops of it over your salads to protect yourselves from the strokes.

Maintains Heart Health: It is quite evident that as we grow old, our heart also goes through a normal aging process. With the passage of time, people deal with various heart-related problems. In order to slow down the aging of your heart, it’s time to intake Olive Oil right away. It will help you to keep your heart young for longer and longer.

Utmost Protection from Depression: Proven by various scientific researches, a gentle massage with Olive Oil on regular basis can help you in alleviating various despair conditions such as stress, depression, anxiety, mental exhaustions, nervous affliction and many more.

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