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Indulge in the Astounding Benefits of our Pure Tuberose Essential Oil

Tuberose oil

Have you ever heard about Tuberose essential oil? If not then you might not have been aware about the benefits that you can get from this miraculous oil. It is exclusively enriched with numerous health benefits to ensure complete wellbeing. In the past few years, Tuberose essential oil and its incredible advantages has caught a fancy of people all across the globe. If you are curious to know about the benefits of tuberose oil then this written piece is going to recite every know how of this miraculous essential oil.

Tuberose is botanically known as Polianthes Tuberosa and it is derived through the process of solvent extraction method from its flowers. Its flower has an alluring and captivating aroma, which is active during the night as this is only time when the flower blooms. Due to this, tuberose is also known as “Mistress of the Night”, “Night Queen”or “Raat ki Raani” in Hindi. The health benefits of Tuberose Essential Oil are attributed to its elementary therapeutic properties such as aphrodisiac, deodorant, relaxing, sedative and to name a few.


Tuberose oil is widely used as an aphrodisiac in the herbal medicines. This oil is found to be highly effective in treating temporary sexual problems such as impotency, frigidity and erectile dysfunction. Its intense, enticing and tempting aroma fills the ambiance with romance and builds an atmosphere of love for perfect love making. It contains certain components that stimulate certain senses that are responsible for awakening of the sexual feelings.


Tuberose essential oil is widely renowned for its usage in high-class perfumeries, exotic scents, deodorants, room fresheners and other aromatic products. The intense, rich and long-lasting fragrance makes it an ideal choice for the perfumery industry.


The pleasing fragrance of this oil has numerous soothing and relaxing effects on mind, nerves, and the body. It is widely used in the aromatherapy treatment centers to provide great relief from depression, anger, nervous afflictions, stress, tension and anxiety.


This essential oil stimulates and enhances the blood circulation level throughout the body; thereby it induces a warming effect which prevents the deposition of phlegm and catarrh in the respiratory tracts. Due to the warming effect, it counters the feeling of cold in winters.

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