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Majmua 96 Attar

Botanical Name Boquet

Origin India

General Name Majmua 96 Attar

Majmua 96 Attar

Majmua 96 Attar is obtained from the flowers of various plants and herbs which are blended in the sandalwood oil to produce it with the process of hydro distillation method. Majmua 96 Attar is blended with sandalwood oil for over weeks until it is saturated completely. Because of its captivating and long lasting fragrance, it is very effective in eliminating bad smell. It is widely used for its deep relaxing fragrance used for meditation, prayers, and for pleasure and loved amongst women as well as men.

Weight 50ml./ 1.760oz 100ml./ 3.520oz 250ml./ 8.799oz 500ml./ 17.598oz 1000ml./ 35.195oz
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Method of Extraction and part of Plant Used Majmua 96 Attar is extracted from the flowers of various plants and herbs which are then blended in the sandalwood oil through hydro distillation process.

Properties White color

Blends Well With

Majmua 96 Attar perfectly blends with almost all of the essential oils.

Aroma Lovely, earthy, woody, and uplifting smell

Integrant It consists of Ruh Khus, Kadam, kewda, Mitti and Sandalwood essential oils.

Precautions Although this attar is safe for kids and adults, but it is recommended that pregnant ladies should take proper medical advice before using this attar.

Solubility Specific Gravity Optical Rotation Refractive Index Flash Point Extraction Method


0.9350 to 0.9550

0.63000 to 0.9550

1.3765 to 1.3925


Hydro Distillation


Majmua 96 Attar is one the most popular fragrances around the world. Owing to its deep relaxing fragrance, it is very popular for meditation, prayers, and pleasure. It is applied by people before going for namaaz (Muslim prayers) or performing pooja (Hindu prayers). The appealing and sensuous fragrance of Majmua 96 Attar makes its very popular in the perfume industry for the processing of cosmetic products. This attar is widely in aromatherapy treatment to effectively to cure mental fatigue, stress, mental disturbance and many other ailments.

Product Description

Our offered Majmua 96 Attar is 100% pure, natural and unadulterated that bears earthy, woody and uplifting fragrance. Owing to its captivating and mesmerizing property, it helps in rejuvenating mind and body. Majmua 96 Attar is known to effectively treat mental complexities such as stress, anxiety, annoyance, nervous fatigue and many more. It is an effective solution that helps in improving the mental focus to enhance the level of concentration. Because of its musky and sensuous aroma, this attar is considered best among all the attars.

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A Perfect Perfume Oil Ever★★★★

When I was surfing the internet, I came to know that majmua 96 attar has been well-known perfume oil since the ancient times. I instantly order a bottle of this miraculous attar from Natural Indian Oils and got a very good quality of the product. It is even more fragrant than it is mentioned over the internet. I have been using this oil for last 3 months and I’m much satisfied with it. By:

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