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Enjoy an Exotic Fragrance Of Amber Attar

Most of the persons have heard of using plant extracts as the attars but one can be amused to know that there are several forms of oils and attars that are not extracted from plants. Some of them include musk attar and amber attar. The attars hold a significant place in India, China and several Asian as well as Arabian countries for use in religious practices, medication and meditation apart from beauty-care. In this blog, we will only restrict the subject to amber attar for giving a deeper understanding.

Amber Attar: The Precious Gift of Nature

Amber is found in nature as a solid mass that is formed by tree resin over millions of years. It is botanically known as Pinus succinefera fossil since it is primarily the fossilized form of the resins of conifer tree (Pinus Succinfera). This crude form of resin, Amber, is used to extract amber attar through the process of hydro-distillation. The attar hence obtained carries a yellow color that bears excellent transparency. This attar blends swell with most of the natural oils such as frankincense, myrrh, sunflower and agarwood oils to give a lustful aroma. Amber attar contains Carene, sabinene, limonene, pinene and other elements that ensure its excellent therapeutic property.

Spiritual, Mental and Physical Benefits of Amber Attar

Mankind has been introduced to the beneficial effects of amber attar since its early days. It is one of the foremost attars that was used in aromatherapy and religious rituals. The therapeutic properties of this amazing attar are also appreciated for its proven results in assisting several physical and mental complications. We have categorized some of the popular benefits of amber attar in the following section. Experience all for a healthy state of mind and body.

  • As High-End Source of Exotic Aroma:Take a drop of amber attar and dilute it with the choice of base oil. Apply the solution over the clothes to enjoy a pleasing fragrance all day long. One can also apply this to interiors by adding 2-3 drops of amber attar in aroma diffuser along with a base oil like lavender or rosemary.
  • Beneficial For Healthy Mind: Put 2 drops of amber attar in water while taking a bath to enjoy a soothing effect on mind and body. You can also diffuser amber attar in aroma diffuser along with base oil for having a pleasant ambiance around to practice meditation and yoga. These processes are ideal for eliminating negativity energy from the mind to induce an influx of happiness.
  • Get Away from Psychological Problems: The calming aroma of amber attar helps to relax brain waves to fight problems of stress, depression and anxiety. Mix 3-4 drops of this amazing attar in water to enjoy an excellent bath filled with relaxing effect to kick the day.
  • Stimulate Mood for Inducing Love: Amber oil is renowned as a potent aphrodisiac. When inhaled aromatically or used in bath water, the relaxing fragrance of this attar helps to enhance secretion of hormones and blood circulation throughout the body for stimulating mood, mind, and body.
  • Alleviate all Sorts of Respiratory Problems: As a potent expectorant, amber attar helps to relieve congestion in the respiratory tract and the chest to assist in convulsion and breathing problems like asthma and bronchitis. Put 4 drops of amber attar in boiled water and inhale the evolving vapors.

Precautions Associated with Amber Oil:

In general, there are no such important precautions specifically associated with amber oil, but the general things that should be taken care while using attars is a must. It is always advised to not to take amber attar internally ever as it may be toxic in certain cases. So, it is always intended for external application. Moreover, pregnant women are advised to prevent the use of this attar. Besides, an undiluted form of this attar should also never be used as it can cause irritation.

Isn’t this an amazing attar that is blessed with so many goodnesses for a healthy mind and body? So, the best part of certifying these uses and benefits of amber attar is by using it. Since amber attar is slightly expensive so it is advised to buy it from original sources as the synthetic variety can never match the original attar when quality is concerned. Now, don’t wait more now and avail 100% pure and natural amber oil from an authentic store to enjoy the natural fragrance of resins.

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