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Know How Citronella Oil can Keep You Out of Trouble

citronella oil uses and benefits

The summer is finally here! It’s time to tuck away those boots and bring out those flip-flops. This is the perfect time for pool parties and unlimited summer cocktails. Partying in the glorious sun has always been an amazing experience, but that’s when you can be surprised by those little vampires who are good at sucking your blood and ruining your celebration. They bite and leave an itchy reminder that lasts longer which might cause malaria, dengue fever, and west nile virus. So, don’t comprise with the safety when you are partying. When partying at such places, don’t forget to apply a few drops of citronella oil by diluting with any other essential over your body.

No doubt! There are tons of chemicalused as a natural deodorant as it has no side effects. Add a few drops of citronella oil in your bathing water to drive away the foul smell and feel refreshed. products available in the market particularly meant for discouraging mosquitoes. But spraying such synthetic chemicals on the skin can be sticky and irritating. This is where citronella oil differs from them. It is a derived through the extensive steam distillation of fresh citronella grass. It’s a pale yellow to yellow brown color liquid possessing sweet and refreshing aroma.

A Natural Remedy for a Healthy Well-Being

Natural Deodorant: If you are among those who sweat a lot and start emitting the foul body odor, you will be delighted to hear that citronella oil can prove to be the most suitable remedy for you. It can be used as a natural deodorant as it has no side effects. Add a few drops of citronella oil in your bathing water to drive away the foul smell and feel refreshed.

Keeps Insects At Bay: This is something which citronella oil is mainly renowned for. Yes, it is highly effective in invading the insects like mosquitoes, bugs, pests, moths and more. Once it is sprayed in the air, insects starting maintaining the distance. It is very good at discouraging them.

keep insects at bay

Antidepressant: Being a potent antidepressant, citronella oil effectively fights against various despair conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, migraine, nervous affliction and mental fatigue. Instead, it eliminates negative feelings, sadness and induces a fresh and happy feeling.

Diuretic: The essential oil of citronella disposes harmful toxins as well as waste substances from the body which include uric acid, excess bile, salts, unwanted fats and more which result in reducing weight in the long run and leaves your body toxins free.

Shop for the Top-Quality Citronella Oil

Any natural remedy cannot work the same if it’s not in its purest form, thereby you need to make sure the authenticity of the online store when you are buying citronella oil. Else, you are cordially welcome to visit Natural Indian Oils to buy the purest form of the therapeutic grade citronella oil. To shop online, visit us at

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