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An Insight of Boronia Absolute Oil! Take a Short Look

boronia absolute oil

Boronia absolute is extracted from the fresh leaves and flowers of Boronia (Boronia megastigma) using solvent extraction method. It is a dark green viscous color liquid with rich, floral undertone. Boronia absolute is widely cherished in perfumery and flavor industry. But, it is more popular in flavoring industry, especially in berry flavors such as strawberry, raspberry and even peach. A little amount of boronia absolute goes a long way in creating astonishing fruit flavors. Owing to its high cost and reportedly consistent adulteration, production of boronia absolute is extremely limited. Around 90 – 100 species of boronia is found across the world, among which Boronia megastigma or brown boronia is widely cultivated for the production of boronia absolute.

Boronia megastigma or brown boronia is highly fragrant like Osmanthus & Freesia and is prized for its intense aroma which makes it desirable for perfumery and flavor industry. Now, if you wish to know about the miraculous benefits of Boronia absolute oil then continue reading the below written piece.

Top 3 Benefits of Boronia Absolute Oil


Being an aphrodisiac, boronia absolute oil works magically in treating lack of sexual desire, loss of libido, temporary impotency, erectile dysfunctions, frigidity and other sexual related problems.  Not only this, it makes your married life heavenly by sparking your sex life. It stimulates sexual hormones like testosterone and estrogen, which puts you in a naughty or frisky mood that is ready for bedroom fun!


Boronia absolute oil has soothing, calming and relaxing effects on the mind. It is widely used by aromatherapists to provide quick relief from migraine, stress, tension, anxiety, annoyance, mental fatigue, exhaustion and nervous afflictions. Also, it helps in eliminating negative thoughts, feeling of jealousy, sadness or loneliness and invokes the feeling of joy & happiness.


Boronia absolute oil is known for its rich floral aroma which makes it active ingredient in the perfumery industry. It is widely used in the formulation of incense sticks, room fresheners, exotic scents, perfumes and many other similar scented products.

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