• Experience the Wonderful Benefits of Wild Crafted Essential Oils

    Wild crafted essential oils are extracted from the wild plants that are not farmed or sprayed with any kind of pesticides or chemicals. They are the wild plants that grow on their own and are highly enriched with intense therapeutic properties which are capable of alleviating numerous health problems. To extract these oils from the plants certain parts of the plant are used such as flowers or leaves.

  • Natural Indian Oils is one of the renowned manufacturers and exporters of wild crafted essential oils. We employ traditional methods of extraction so as to maintain the premium quality and purity standards of the essential oils. And, our keen dedication towards quality made us stand out in the essential oil industry. At our online store, you will find a wide array of essential oils at the most reasonable price. We offer 100% pure, natural and therapeutic-grade wild crafted oils so that one can experience the nature’s greatest blessing in its purest form.    

    Astounding Benefits of Wild Crafted Essential Oils for a Healthy Wellbeing 

    If you are searching for the finest range of wild crafted essential oils then Natural Indian Oils is the perfect platform to shop pure and premium-grade oils at the most affordable price. Wild crafted oils offered by us are quite known for their purity and quality. Therefore, they are extensively used in the various industries including aromatherapy, culinary, cosmetics, medicinal, perfume and many more. Our essential oils are absolutely safe to use and are completely free from any type of toxics, chemicals, synthetic fragrances and other harmful substances.   

    It’s the right time to reward your health with the gift of nature with our pure, natural and undiluted wild-crafted oils.  So, what are you looking for? Enter into the world of natural bliss with our extensive range and bid good bye to various health problems. With the miraculous revitalizing effects, unlock your senses, retrieve your mental peace and let your body, mind and soul be in perfect sync.


Natural Essential Oils

Wild Crafted Essential Oils - B

English Name

Botanical Name

Citrus Aurantium.

Nardostachys jatamansi

Wild Crafted Essential Oils - C

English Name

Botanical Name

Carum Carvi.

Coriandrum sativum.

Wild Crafted Essential Oils - L

English Name

Botanical Name

Citrus limonum

Cymbopogon flexuosus

Citrus aurantifolia

Wild Crafted Essential Oils - M

English Name

Botanical Name

Calendula Officinalis

Acacia Mirensi

Wild Crafted Essential Oils - N

English Name

Botanical Name

Narcissus poeticus absolute

Citrus aurantium amara

Wild Crafted Essential Oils - O

English Name

Botanical Name

Evernia prunastri

Origanum Compactum Benth

Wild Crafted Essential Oils - P

English Name

Botanical Name

Ymbopogon martinii var motia

Prunus persica (L.)

Cucurbita Pepo

Wild Crafted Essential Oils - R

English Name

Botanical Name

Rosa damascena Mill

Rosa Damascene

Wild Crafted Essential Oils - T

English Name

Botanical Name

Tagetes glandulifera Schrank.

Curcuma longa

Wild Crafted Essential Oils - V

English Name

Botanical Name

Vanilla Planifolia

Vetiveria Zizanoides

Wild Crafted Essential Oils - Y

English Name

Botanical Name

Cananga Odorata

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1 0-1000 ML US$ 100
2 1001-2000 ML US$ 150
3 Greater then 2000 ML US$ 75 + Additional US$ 7.00 per 1000 ML


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